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Why Infusionsoft and Not Just CRM

People and clients that know me, KNOW that I am a real big fan of the Customer Relationship Management philosophy and have seen what it can do to help businesses grow and succeed. In fact, if you are not using an effective CRM process, you will not be in business for very long. But, there's something you should know about CRM software. For years CRM software companies have made big promises. And for years, they've missed the mark.

CRM software has been a big disappointment... especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Why, you ask?

  • CRM software is old technology invented decades ago--it's inadequate for today's small business
  • CRM software was originally created for very large businesses, not entrepreneurs
  • CRM software for "small business" isn't much more than contact management & lead tracking -- nothing 'active' or 'automated' about it (critical points for a small business trying to grow without having to hire more staff to make it happen)
  • CRM software has an extremely high failure rate -- and small businesses don't have the time or resources to 'make it work'

Infusionsoft includes CRM functionality by giving you a 360 degree view of the customers but...Infusionsoft ALSO delivers on the CRM philosophy by automating communication with all your customers and prospects, improving list segmentation, automating processes like billing and fulfillment, including sales force automation, and so much more!

What are some of the KEY Attributes of a CRM Product?

Infusionsoft revolutionizes the way small businesses drive and manage their growth. With a heavy dose of marketing automation, Infusionsoft replaces different, incompatible systems and provides you with an "all-in-one" solution that leaves you with more time to strategically grow your business.

Check out the many features of Infusionsoft:

Marketing Automation
Create a steady stream of business by putting all of your offline and online marketing on auto-pilot!

Advanced Contact Management
Our customer-centric approach enables you to track personal data, responses, purchases, and communication in one place so you can maintain better relationships and close more sales.

Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Maximize your direct sales by tracking all of your leads and salespeople with fully customized sales pipelines, lead distribution, tracking, and reporting.

Our integrated shopping cart and billing/invoicing features allow you to manage, market, and sell your products and services.

Affiliate/Referral Program Management
Create multi-tiered affiliate structures to track and manage commissions to your affiliates, salespeople, or as customer incentives.

Billing and Accounting
Our powerful billing system allows you to automatically process payments, collect cash for products or services, and track everything with powerful built-in reports.

More than Just Software

Have you ever purchased software then felt abandoned by the software company? Not with Infusionsoft. From your very first contact with us, our team goes into action to provide you with as many resources and benefits as we possibly can...even before you become a customer.

Once you become part of the Infusionsoft family, you'll feel the advantages of an entire team dedicated to your success.

As an Infusionsoft customer, you'll experience:

  • Free, unlimited customer support (from a friendly, certified support team)
  • Access to the User Community where you can network with other entrepreneurs, get answers to marketing and sales questions, learn about unique Infusionsoft features, and more
  • The Fusebox - a marketing resource and training website
  • Dedicated set-up and data transition specialists
  • Our bi-weekly newsletter with marketing tips, special events, etc.
  • Powerful marketing webinars and conferences
  • And so much more!

As a small business owner, you'll discover Infusionsoft is far more than just marketing automation software. Infusionsoft is an entire community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are trying to meet the same goals: simplify, improve, and grow small businesses.

Take the Infusionsoft "Double Your Sales Challenge" Guaranteed.

If you want to grow your business instead of just manage it, then you need Automated Follow-up Marketing software.




                                         From the Desk of Kevin Barrett, KJ Barrett & Associates

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